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Toilet Problems and how to fix them.

Water on floor around the toilet

There may be many reasons why water would tend to collect on the floor at the base of the toilet. Does the water always seem to be there? Wipe the water up each time you see it and you will find it easier to detect the direction the water is coming from. If the water seems to come from under the toilet then it is possible that the setting seal or gasket is leaking. The toilet pan must be released from the tank and floor, and a new seal fitted. Be careful when refastening the toilet pan as too much pressure on the screws can cause the toilet pan to crack at the base. A bead of silicon under the pan will ensure good adhesion to the floor.

If the water is coming from higher up? Feel all around the tank to see if you can locate the source of the water. If the toilet tank is leaking at the junction of the pan and tank then the seal is most likely deteriorated. Lift the lid off the toilet tank and find the the two screws at the back of the tank. Often these are wingnuts that can be loosened by hand. Otherwise you may need a screwdriver. Take out these screws and any screws that may be fastening the tank to the pan. Lift the tank away from the pan. Slide off the seal, and replace it with a new one from the hardware or plumbing supplies store. Replace the tank and be sure that the screws are not overtightened.Exploded View of a Toilet

Toilet problems and how to fix them.

Toilet Repair F.A.Q.S.