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The Construction:

The construction of a house, in addition to the initial work, imposes several steps and implies certain responsibilities that one can choose to assume, or on the contrary that one can entrust to various professionals.

- realization of the job
- Establishing description and type of construction
- deposits allowing building
- consultation of the companies top craftsmen
- subscription to the various insurances
- declaration of opening of building site and building permits
- coordination of work between the various tradesmen
- reception of work
- declaration of completion of work and request of the compliance certificate (built to code)

Generally, the project will be entrusted to a manufacturer of homes or home builder, who will deal with each stage (for which it will have the responsibility) until the reception of work, and who will be able to bring an effective help in the search for a lot to be built on, or in obtaining a home financing. It is also possible to contract an architech to make the calls with a project superintendent, one or the other taking care of the spots which will be entrusted to them. In all the cases, reaching it is a building owner. If he choses to control the totality of the project, he will be the building owner only or a project superintendent and will then have the responsibility for the choice of the companies or craftsmen with whom he will have to sign contracts with. More on House Construction.

Manufacturers of Houses:

The manufacturers or Home Builders are professionals ensuring for their customer (building owner), the entireness of the project, from the designing of the plans to the handing-over of the keys, to an agreed and fixed by contract price (contract of construction of house on plan). The building owner can nevertheless reserve the execution of certain work and has the labour law to be made assist by a professional of his choice at the time of the reception.

The majority of the manufacturers offer construction which can be personalized, others carry out only original projects. The majority sub-contract the majority of work to companies or craftsmen.

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