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Tips To Help You Sell Your Home

We have recently experienced an influx of potential buyers - all looking for 'good investment properties'. What they are looking for is very often a lower priced home which is positively geared - and the higher the return, the better! They aren't here for long, so they need to make a quick decision. If your property is well presented, it is more likely to appeal to them than something which is not. They simply don't have the time or capability to organize refurbishments. They come, they see, they like - they buy!

Here are a few tips to make sure YOURS is the house they buy:

- An inviting exterior ensures inspection of the interior. Keep the lawns trimmed, flower beds under control and the yard free from rubbish.

- Faded walls and worn wood-work reduce desire. Show the prospective buyers how attractive the house is rather than how much work they will have to put in as soon as they buy.

- Fix those taps! - dripping water discolors sinks and baths and call attention to plumbing.

- Aromas - cigarette smoke, animal and food smells and other odors will remain in the buyers memory long after the inspection. Give your home a thorough cleaning and if necessary freshened up with deodorizers - have it well ventilated prior to, inspection

- Clean out garages and sheds of excess furniture and old treasures perhaps you consider you may even consider a 'go finish sale' before putting your home on the market. Buyers like to see space - not clutters

- Repair can make a big difference - loose knobs, sticking doors and windows, warped cabinet drawers may be minor, but they detract from the value have them fixed.

- Make cupboards look bigger neat and well organized cupboards shoe that the space is ample.

- Check and re-check your bathroom. Bright and clean bathrooms enhance the sale ability of any home. Have healthy plants to show, clean mirrors, co-ordinate towels and mats.

- Lush foliage always adds a pleasant ambiance to a home - if you are lacking these or have dull empty space. If you need any advice on how to present your home for sale, you can always seek advice from someone else - a friend designer or your agent. Preparing your home correctly can make all the difference in getting it sold quickly - and very often at a higher price.

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