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Sooner or later every home will have its share of plumbing problems. From the common dripping faucet to the ever stressful broken water pipe. Choosing a plumber sounds like a quick and easy task but if you choose the wrong one it could end up costing you a lot of time, money, and stress. You should never accept the first offer or settle for the most affordable plumber, this is the first mistake people make. You should always call around and ask the following questions:

1. Ask if they are licensed. Most states will require a plumber to have a license but others won't. A licensed plumber is more likely to provide you with quality service than a non licensed plumber.

2. Ask if they are insured for their work. The only thing worse than having a plumbing problem is hiring a plumber who makes the problem worse and isn’t insured. Hiring an insured plumber will give you the peace of mind that if something goes wrong the money won't be coming out of your pocket.

3. Ask about additional charges. Some plumbers may charge you a fee for an estimate or add on charges for labor. Whenever possible do not hire a plumber unless they are able to provide you with a written estimate for their work.

4. Ask about their previous experience with your problem. Some contractors specialize in low flushing toilets while others have more experience with clogged pipes. If a plumber has had previous experience with a problem similar to yours the less likely the problem will have to be fixed again by a second plumber.

5. When the plumber is at your home addressing the problem ask them if they know what caused it or what could be done to prevent it in the future. The more you know about your home the more time and money you can save by not having to repair it for simple every day mistakes.

Most experts agree that you should go through the process of choosing a good plumber before anything happens just in case you run into a time critical problem that needs to be repaired as soon as possible. If you do run into an emergency and don't have time to go through the proper steps it’s always a good idea to ask your friends and family.

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