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Toilet Problems F.A.Q.

How To Fix And Repair Your Toilet.

Toilets are a fantastic thing when working properly, but toilets are also one of the most asked about problems. This is a page dedicated to fixing and repairing your toilet at home, one of the greatest inventions of mankind.

The TOILET and its problems.

Plumbers make a good living fixing the problems of the little room. So many things can go wrong with the toilet but many are easy to fix. Doing it yourself will not only save you money, but also the wait for the plumber who might not keep the appointment. The following are the common problems that can be encountered with the toilet. By following the tips, you can now fix your own toilet at home.

Bubbling Toilet Repair

Water bubbling in toilet when not in use? Sometimes in multiple dwelling buildings and shared plumbing pipes when a blockage of some sort occurs. Some unlucky unit owners can be the recipient of water backing up and bubbling into their toilet. Common piping can sometimes be a problem and management should engage the sevices of a plumber. He will investigate the blockage and check to see if the pipes are vented properly. Inadequate venting can also cause back up.

Flushing Toilet

After flushing the toilet water keeps running until you jiggle the handle or push the button again First of all the next time this problem happens, lift the top of the toilet tank off and check to see if the flush valve flapper is caught. It probably isn't sitting down as it should. Read More....

Fix a Noisy Toilet

Some manufacturers are using cheap imported fill valves. If you are experiencing loud noise at the end of your toilet tanks fill cycle, then chances are you have got the cheap valve. Good valves like the Fluidmaster or the Korky Quiet Fill don't seem to have this problem. So change the valve it only takes around ten minutes to do, and happy flushing.Also see toilet groaning.

Fix A Leaking Toilet

If water is leaking or dripping into the toilet bowl, or you notice a brown stain caused by the water at the back of the bowl. Then the cause is usually the two washers at the top of the ball valve located in the cistern. Lift the cistern lid off by undoing the flush button. Some cisterns just lift straight off. The ball valve is the long tubular thing that the water flows up and out of. It has the float attatched to it Undo the float, it usually is held on by a pin at the end and slides out. The top of the ball valve is a screw, undo this and you'll see a rubber washer a bit over an inch in diameter with a hole in the middle. Also you'll see a rubber grommet, about half an inch in diameter, you'll probably need a pair of tweezers or something pointy to remove this. Take both these washers out and exchange them for new ones. Sometimes the smaller washer can be turned over and reused, depending how bad it looks.See F.A.Q. below for other common leaking problems


Below are a list of symptoms for toilet problems. It is not an unusual thing that there may be more than one thing wrong at any time. If the problem seams insurrmountable such as a cracked bowl then you can always fit a new toilet. By buying the same style and brand of toilet you already have then everything should fit back nicely. Just pay careful attention to the dismantling of the old toilet.
Remember if it all fails and goes belly up then get the plumber.