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Clean Your Way To An Inviting Sale

If you are thinking of putting your home on the market but don't want o incure further expences through renovations, then there are some great inexpensive ways to make your home more saleable.

For many home owners who aren't trades people and can't quite master a hammer or a paint brush, here's ways to improve the overall presentation of your home.

It is interestiing to observe buyers on a first inspection as the tend to notice all the little things the vendour has failed to clean or put away. Buyers want a property that has been look after, maintained and loved by the previous owner. Look at it from the buyers prespective and set aside some time each week to keep your home looking good.

Don't be afraid to throw things out! It is imperative to de-clutter your home - especially the kitchen - giving the buyer a better view of the property. Utilise the space by placing a vase of flower or bowl of fruit to capture the imagination of the buyer and instantly appeal to them.

Over time we all adjust to the in-built odours of our homes, so it's easy to forget anout how our home may smell to others. Use cleaners, deodorizers, insence and candles - anything that will create a pleasant and inoffensive smell. Nothing beats the smell of fresh baked cookies or coffee brewing!

Do a quick inspection of yor home and make sure that all doors open freely, wardrobes are not to full and bathroom is sparkling.

The effect you get from opening the windows and allowing the curtains to gently move on the breeze is always lovely and really opens your home up.

Try and see your home as if it were for the first time - you will soon see what needs doing.

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