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Whats My Property Worth?

So are you thinking of selling?

Perhaps the most important question facing you at the moment concerns the price you should ask for your property. You certainly do not want to sell it too cheaply, nor do you want to over price it from being sold.

Consider these points:

a) The price a property brings is determined by what a buyer is prepared to pay.This is influenced by three things:- Recent sales in the area similar to yours- Properties for sale now similar to yours- The way in which the property is marketed

b) Pricing a property too high is a sure way to kill a sale. A property recieves its fullest exposure in the first month. That is when it is fresh on the market, and it will in turn create a sense of urgency with buyers to make decision when it is listed close to market price.

c) You may have heard it said that " your first offer is your best offer". Very often in this case - and when your property is priced correctly this saves an awful lot of time, stress and heartache - not to mention the cessant tidying up for inspection!

So if you are thinking selling, listen to what the agents have to say and be very careful of going with an agent who may quote a fantastic price way above what the agents are indicating we would all like to get as much as we possibly can for our property - but we must be realistic or pay the price in the long term. A house which has been on the market for some time become increasingly difficult to sell.

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