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Have You Decided to Sell?

Have you done your homework - you know what properties in your area are on the market - you know what others have sold for? If not, then it is time to call in a registered value to protect what may be you biggest investment. You have interviewed a couple of agents and are happy with your choice of agents?

What does the agent actually do for their commission, you may ask. By enlisting the services of an estate agent, you are giving them a representation in the sale of your property. It means that all aspects relating to the sale will be handled and co-ordinate through their office acting on your behalf. Its really a simple matter of economics and a partnership between you and your agent. The agent will make an investment of time, expertise, dollars and skill in the sale of your property. Once your agent has taken on an investment responsibility, it becomes a personal commitment to ensure a fast, efficient return.

Selling a house can be a complex process, even if all goes smoothly. it is not something you do everyday, so you may not be familiar with the process which can then be daunting and extremely stressful. Documentation, financing, payments etc all have to be arranged - your agent will know what things should happen when and will make sure they do or you can also do it yourself. By knowing the advantages if buying and selling strategies can always be a bonus.

As a home owner, you are often emotionally attached to your home - so negotiating directly with a buyer is not a good idea. By enlisting an agent, you gain the services of experienced sales people who can keep the doors of their communication open between interested buyers and you, the seller. Your agent can qualify the prospective buyers for you your type and price of property; answer their questions; eliminate doubts and, above all else, keep things moving. A good agent should know how and when to begin final negotiations.


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