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Home theater is the alternative to a night at the cinema. With movie prices spiralling upwards it's no wonder home owners are having home theaters installed, and are opting for the comforts of their own domain. With all of the movie channel options on Direct Sat TV, it makes it more convenient to view your favorite flicks on your schedule.

Home theater can be a state of the art or a more simple operation depending on what you can afford. Simple setups consist of surround speakers, a DVD player with monitor. Where on the other hand the more complex home theater setups will have projector systems, extravagant theme settings and cinema eating.

The smaller home theater room might be the living room or a room in an apartment set aside for the theater. These rooms are best with a slimline plasma tv and a compact surround system. Speakers need to be away from the walls and corners of the room,

The larger room home theater set up is best with a projector system. For optimal viewing there is a set distance that the projector and screen should be. The digaram below shows that a 30 degree field of view is optimal.

Make sure that your that your screen is away from any windows as the glare will hinder the display. Wire management is important as well. If building new have the wires concealed in the frame of the walls or ceiling. Lighting should be able to be dimmed, so all lights should have a dimmer attatched to the switch.

Home Theater is booming and will only continue to grow. Setting up is easy and costs are affordable so what are you waiting for?