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Remote controlled home. The intelligent home.

Easy, safe and stylish living with the remote controlled home. Affordable and can even save you money.

The Castle:

House design in concrete, bricks and mortar and wood, haven't changed much for a thousand years or more. Now along comes what was once thought science fiction. Unseen electronics and communication systems. Not so long ago in the past we were mighty impressed with the remote controlled TV, the cordless phone and the automatic garage doors. George Jetson and Mr. Spacely gave us a glimpse of the future.

Though not yet in Spacely's Rockets, many of the other 'gizmos' have made their way into our day to day lives. Incorporating some home automation into our homes is becoming commonplace. The most usual things are combined lighting, audio control and security control. Also there is a growing demand for home networking, that not only handles internet connections but also music picture and video, so these can be enjoyed wherever you may want them in the home.

So howzit done?

Well Home Automation is only great if you get a benefit by improving your lifestyle. So think about all the things that you might want. Here's few tips:

The Entrance:

This is the first and last point of interaction between you and your home. It makes sense to place security systems and lighting control here. With a flick of the switch or press of a button all the lights can be turned off or set to a time, the security system can be activated as you leave the house.

Keyless entry is great. Like the car the home can be unlocked as you approach. All security systems can be activated or de-activated. Movement detectors can be disabled or enabled with a press of the key pad. Camera and intercom systems can be accesed throughout the home, so you can see and speak to anybody approaching the entrances of your home.

Living Room:

The room where you are most likely to entertain with a few drinks and snacks in is aptly named. Here the possibilities are numerous. Namely mood lighting, fan and aircon control.


Though most of the time here is spent asleep temperature and lighting should be able to be controlled by the bedside. Curtain control from the bed is a great thing as you laze in the morning. Wardrobes can have hands free lighting installed that turn off as you close the door.


Wet hands and electric switches don't mix too well. An automated LIght/heated/cooler exhaust fan that can switch itself on as you enter and off as you leave is a treat. All settings are set at the remote control panel of the house.


So much technology here is already in use. Fridges soon will be able to do the ordering of your shopping. Already fridges have LCD sceens built into them . It's a good idea to have now a data point installed next to it.


The hard work room. Well not so much anymore. The appliances here like the kitchen are smart, however many people underestimate the desirability of making
it a little more people friendly. Young families wash at least once a day, sorting, drying, folding and ironing, can be all done in this room, so a fair amount of time can be spent here each day. A few more power points are always handy in case a bit of tele or music is desired. What about intercom and viewing through to the kitchen and baby's room? Handy and logical.


Here is the sit down work room. Computer, Fax, Printer and 2nd phone lines mostly end up here. Wired incorrectly and its a tangled webbed mass.
Sharing your internet connection wirelessly around the home is possible as is networking to allow multiple computers access to printers and other hardware. Surge protectors should be installed for the whole house but here it is of vital importance.

Home Entertainment:

Here an all in one remote control is the ideal. Automated lighting system allows to set the mood. You can network pay TV and DVD to other rooms in the house. Multi-roomed audio systems are most popular in the automated home.


Automating the homes outdoor watering systems and lights is a great way to keep your home healthy and safe while you take a holiday. Even while you are at home it will save you time and make sure your plants are well fed. A well cared for home is seen as attended and is not so much on the burglars hit.

Remote Access:

If the day is hot and you are on your way home, a call via the cell phone can have the aircon. turned up so you can arrive in comfort. In fact most things can be accessed through the internet or cell phone in your home. Switching lights on or off.
Heating , cooling, turning the music or TV on or off. Afterall it's a smart and automated home.