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The Five Best Home Security Systems To Keep Your Family Safe

Choosing the best home security systems provider for your needs can be a difficult choice. With so many different companies out there, finding a reliable and affordable one can be a challenge. Luckily, five different companies have all stepped up to the plate when it comes to modern equipment and customer services in order to give homeowners a myriad of high-quality options when it comes to their home security system needs

1. FrontPoint Security – When it comes to top-of-the-line, modern equipment, FrontPoint Security provides one of the best home security systems on the market. Through their partnership with General Electric, FrontPoint is able to offer modern services such as cellular monitoring. In order to prevent many of the problems common with traditional landline monitoring services, FrontPoint conducts monitoring conducted over cellular channels. Not only does this help prevent criminals from interfering with your alarm system’s functionality, but it also removes the requirement of having to pay additionally each month for a landline as many households are now straying away from the service.

2. Protect America – One of the strongest points for Protect America, in addition to their high-end service, is that they are one of the best home security systems providers for homeowners not wanting to make a big investment upfront. This is due to the fact that Protect America will actually provide you with and install your security system for free. While most companies charge an additional amount up front for their equipment, Protect America includes use of their system with your monthly monitoring charges. With protection packages ranging from their basic Copper service all of the way up to Platinum, there is sure to be a level which fits the needs of you and your household.

3. ADT Security – Without a doubt one of the leaders in the home security market, ADT Security is the largest company out there, in terms of subscribers and satisfied customers. ADT’s legacy started over 140 years ago and throughout their history they have made a name for themselves as one of the most reliable provider of some of the best home security systems available. One often raved about benefit of using ADT Security is the flexibility that they offer in their security systems. When installing a new system, ADT can create a custom plan for your home including the equipment you need while forgoing the options you do not. ADT Security was one of the first companies to offer you the ability to monitor your home system from anywhere in the world through your smartphone or laptop. Today, they are staying on the forefront of technology and are one of the most innovative and best home security systems providers out there.

4. LifeShield Security – Based in Pennsylvania, LifeShield Security offers modern equipment and some of the best monitoring services in America. Unlike some other home security companies which route calls through their single call center, LifeShield utilizes five different call centers spread around the country in order to ensure that all alerts are dealt with properly and with the shortest response time possible. Consumers love the options that LifeShield Security offers when it comes to monitoring their homes. A leader on the technological forefront, the company is another which offers homeowners smartphone-based monitoring. In addition, they’re services are integrated into the web so that you can securely check on your home and monitoring system over the internet from any web terminal.

5. Vivent Security – When it comes to the best home security systems for consumers who enjoy having the highest level of control, Vivent Security takes the cake. Vivent’s security systems are controlled through their “Go Control Panel”, a touchscreen installed in your home that puts access to your security system’s features at your fingertips. In addition to controlling your cameras and monitoring equipment, the control panel can also be integrated into your home’s heating and cooling system, as well as your lighting and home appliances. Parents love Vivent Security because of the range of other non-emergency protection services they offer. Vivent systems can not only monitor the entrances to your home, but can also be set up to alert you when things such as medicine and gun cabinets are opened without your permission.

While each company differs in the equipment and services they offer, all five are the top leaders in their field. Whether you want a system you can monitor from your cell phone, or one that is linked wireless to a remote monitoring center, the services and equipment you need are now more affordable than ever. The ability to protect yourself and your family is priceless for many people, but thanks to these five options, it is affordable on most budgets.