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About Us

Cidnetwork is about helping those in the community. It encourages and believes in people working together and sharing their knowledge to help produce a more harmonious neighborhood.

By raising points of view on its web site and with advice to managers and committee members it encourages discussion and can assist in helping to set the agenda.

Planned Communities

Back in the 1940's returning GIs and a massive increase in children over the following 20 years were about to make their presence known in America,and so through the Works Progress Administration (WPA) President Roosevelt gave a group of architects the task of designing where and how Americans should dwell.

This gave rise to the planned community. They designed and built schools, sewers, courts, museums, dams, river walks, foot paths and curbs, buildings for meetings, parks to enjoy and playgrounds to amuse the young. These planned communities had a marked influence not only in America but the idea also found its way into the design and layouts of community developments around the globe.
Still today these influences are seen in the communities we live in.

Community living was an idea which supported groups of neighborhoods having their own facilities such as schools and shops, but are encompassed within a larger municipality.

The planned unit development (PUD) was the benchmark adopted throughout America in its post war building boom. Still today, clean yards and attractive homes are the hallmark of this type of development. If buying into these communities be aware that some times the home owners association can be fairly ruthless in some of their rules and regulations. You may be restricted to how your lawn is kept, or what colors you can paint your house, or what alterations you can do to your house, or even what pets you choose. So check the deeds of your planned purchase and be forwarned.

As an owner you may be required to join a committee or association. This may incur a joining and ongoing fee. As a new member don't expect any prominence in that committee. The idea of community can mean very different things to different people and there will be many well entrenched and hierarchical ideas in most communities.

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