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Maintenence Issues/ Plumbing

Noisy faucet

Noisy faucets are a common worry, but generally simple to solve. If the noise comes from a faucet when you first turn the tap on and is accompanied by a vibration. Then chances are it's in the washer. This can usually be solved by removing the washer from the body of the faucet and pinching the shaft a little with a pair of pliers. This tightens the washer in the body and stops it from vibrating, and stops the noise.

If your faucets have faucet cartridges then these might need to be replaced.

Noise can also be caused by locked air in the pipes. Open all water outlets and run for a while pushing any air out. If this fails to stop the noise and you have a water pressure reducing valve or PRV, on the your main line then this could be the culprit as it may be malfuctioning. So you might have to replace it. Faulty water softeners can also be the cause of noise, so you might need to have that checked or replaced as well.

If no luck after all this you may have to install water hammer arestors, But usually one of the reasons above are the culprit.Back to Maintenance

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